Dartboard Chart Generator

This imaginary dartboard is a way to visually compare two probabilities or quantities. Like a pie chart, the areas are in proportion to the values supplied. But in this metaphor, the areas are split up and distributed more evenly across the circle. (Assume random unskilled dart throws.)

Enter any two positive values. (They do not need to total 1.0 or 100.) Example: if there are four balls in a bag, one red and three blue, so that choosing a ball has outcomes with a 1/4 and 3/4 chance, you could enter 1 and 3, or 25 and 75, or .25 and .75.

Dartboard Graph A circular dartboard-like graph using the two values above and the two colors specified below. Alternating areas of color are arranged in radiating spokes (and optional concentric rings) like a physical dartboard, with optional white dividing lines (“wires”). The total area of each color (red and blue by default) corresponds to the associated value.

Editable Title

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(Hex color codes or color names.)

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