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Thanks for checking out my iPhone and iPad list app, Mind Magnets. My new iOS game Scree is on the way.
—Morgan Adams

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App screenshot: color-coded grid shopping list and to-do list for ADHDPlay video
App Icon (colored squircle shapes for list items)

Mind Magnets
Colorful Grid Checklist App for Visual Thinkers and People With ADHD For iPhone/iPad

Mind Magnets are little bits of info you create and arrange on the screen. Give them shapes and colors, move them around, and toggle them on/off with a tap. For planning, brainstorming, tracking scores, to-do lists, shopping lists, trip packing lists, etc.   Forum Discussion

App screenshot: iMessage conversation about mini-golf with Circular Reasoning/Logical Fallacy/Begging the Question rubber stamp
App Icon (circles)

Logical Fallacies & Cognitive Biases
Sticker Pack for iMessages

36 popular logical fallacies, cognitive biases, and red herrings, ready to rubber-stamp your friends’ messages! From the classic “Straw Man” to the insidious “Confirmation Bias,” these errors in thinking are alphabetized and color-coded for your pedantic convenience.

App screenshot: clock in the form of an island map
Yellow Playdate handheld

Weird Clocks for Playdate

A collection of unusual, fun clocks for Panic’s Playdate handheld game console, combined into one app.

Forum Discussion with videos and beta download. Final release on coming mid-2022. Follow me on Twitter for news.

8 third-party Apple Watch face app screenshots
Adams Immerive logo in circle

Custom Apple Watch Faces
Easy to Install Experimental Watch Face Apps

Functional, animated watch face apps offering more than 150 unique face styles that you can use for free. They run in the Watch’s built-in browser rather than installing through the App Store.   View Watch Faces

The faces “Tetrad” and “Cardinal” may work with severely impaired vision, and I am seeking testers.   Send Feedback

Game screenshot: 6 treasure chests
App Icon (dolphin)

Trip’s Treasures
Math Skills Game for Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade

I designed this educational game for iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Mac in collab­oration with Bolster Learning Systems. It teaches “subitizing”: the ability to “instantly see how many” without counting. Subitizing is fundamental to the develop­ment of young children’s math skills.

Game screenshot: colorful gemsPlay video
App Icon (piñata)

Treasure Landslide Game For iPhone/iPad

Make the biggest landslide you can! Discover breakable treasure chests, collectible rare items, piñatas, Black Hole Bombs and more.

(In development. Forum Discussion. Follow me on Twitter for news.)

Educational game example with gear

Custom Museum Games and Activities
Starting at

As a one-person company, I deliver high-end interactive media at low cost. With my help, a museum can add interactivity to smaller exhibits that would otherwise be static. I can work with your team to develop educational games and 3D simulations that run on iPad, Android, Gear VR, Cardboard VR, Windows, or Mac, using touchscreen or physical controls.   Request a Proposal

Game screenshot: dark shaft lit by headlamp
App Icon (Lovecraftian abomination)

This Is Not the Church of the Worm
Virtual Reality Horror Experience

“While the angels, all pallid and wan,
Uprising, unveiling, affirm
That the play is the tragedy, ‘Man,’
And its hero, the Conqueror Worm.”

— Edgar Allen Poe

(Release date not yet set—follow me on Twitter for news.)

Photo: joystick and button controls

Custom Games for Vision, Motor, and Cognitive Impairment

I am seeking projects and collaborations involving accessibility, audio-centric gaming, and alternative control schemes, suitable for various disabilities; both for education and for entertainment.   Request Information

Memory game with grid of emoji tiles
App Icon (circle with leaf emoji)

Only Once
Experimental Reverse Memory Web Game

In this “reverse memory game,” the goal is to click each emoji exactly one time, keeping in your memory the ones already found. Mistakes reduce the maximum possible score, and the grid enlarges every other round up to 12x12. Your skill is likely to improve rapidly with repeated plays. (Late-2020 emoji support required.)

Try It   Send Feedback

Dartboard-style pie chart with concentric circles and radiating wedges
App Icon (dartboard chart)

Dartboard Chart Generator
Compare and Share Any Two Values or Probabilities

This free online tool is a way to visually compare two quantities, such as the projected results of an election. Like a pie chart, the areas are in proportion to the values. But in this metaphor, the areas are distributed more evenly across the circle. Choose colors and labels, then share a link to your creation.

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iPhone web app: yellow large-print digital clock (10:30AM with description 'late morning')
App Icon (zeroes)

Natural-Language Clock App for Cognitive or Vision Impairment

Recycle an old phone, tablet or iPod Touch as a clock, with phrases like “mid-day” and “late night” to help people facing cognitive or vision problems.   Free Web App

Also has an experimental Apple Watch face.

I built this app for my grandmother; I hope it benefits others too!   Send Feedback