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Thanks for checking out my first iPhone and iPad app, DotSpace. My first iOS game, Scree, is coming soon.
—Morgan Adams

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Colorful Spatial Grid Checklists App for iPhone and iPad

DotSpace is an empty page you fill with color-coded bits of info. Move these “dots” around and toggle them On/Off—for any purpose you can think of, from a shopping list to a trip packing list to a task tracker.   Forum discussion  (Media)

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Treasure Landslide Game for iPhone and iPad

Make the biggest landslide you can! Discover breakable treasure chests, collectible rare items, piñatas, Black Hole Bombs and more.

(Planned release: 2016. Forum discussion. Follow me on Twitter for news.)

Game screenshot: dark shaft lit by headlamp
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This Is Not the Church of the Worm
Virtual Reality Horror Experience

“While the angels, all pallid and wan,
Uprising, unveiling, affirm
That the play is the tragedy, ‘Man,’
And its hero, the Conqueror Worm.”

— Edgar Allen Poe

(For iPhone with a Google Cardboard-compatible VR headset. Other VR platforms may follow. Release date not yet set—follow me on Twitter for news.)

Educational game example with gear

Custom Museum Games
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I collaborate on projects around the world. Because I am a one-person company, working from my home, I deliver high-end custom interactive media at lower cost.

I can develop educational games and 3D simulations to run on iPad, Windows touchscreen, VR, or kiosks with custom controllers.   Request a Quote

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Custom Games for Vision, Motor, and Cognitive Impairment

I am seeking projects and collaborations involving accessibility, audio-centric gaming, and alternative control schemes, suitable for various disabilities; both for education and for entertainment.   Request Information

iPhone web app: yellow large-print digital clock (10:30AM with description 'late morning')
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Natural-Language Clock App for Cognitive or Vision Impairment

Recycle an old iPhone or other device as a clock, with phrases like “mid-day” and “late night” to help people facing cognitive or vision problems. Keep the device or computer plugged in, and battery condition will not matter.   Free Web App

I built this app for my grandmother; I hope it benefits others too!   Send Feedback